How To Fix A Sinking Mattress

There is no way to truly fix the Trench Effect on your Sleep Number mattress other than sending it in for repairs or completely replacing it. You can do a few things as an owner can do to improve your sleep quality. These steps will vary in efficacy depending on the kind, age, and severity of sagging on your mattress. They are still worth a try, particularly if you are out of warranty and not yet prepared (or willing) to spend a lot on a new best mattress:

1. Inspect Your Bed Frame’s Condition:

It’s certainly the last thing on your mind, but in certain cases, a broken spring box or bed frame causes your mattress to experience the Trench Effect. If you believe this is the case, fully inspect your bed frame. Detach the mattress entirely and inspect the wooden components for damage or degradation. Repair or replace any substandard parts of the bed frame or spring box to determine whether this fixes the sinking in the middle issue with your Sleep Number bed. Priority should always be given to improving the bed frame before settling the best mattress 2021. If your mattress returns to its normal shape, you’ve done it correctly.

2. Ascertain That There Is No Air Loss:

Contrary to popular belief, air loss happens whenever a mattress is refilled with air following a night’s sleep. As a result, your Sleep Number bed continues to deflate or sink in the middle, which may be easily remedied by setting the Sleep Number to 100. Conduct a thorough check to see if this is the case. The air cell connectors on various Sleep Number bed types are placed at the head of the mattress, into the bed, or below it. 


Once you’ve determined the location of the hose connections, follow the steps below:

  • Locate the white air container caps – often placed with the pressure pump within the base. Depending on the type of your bed, you may require to put the air chamber caps using an adjustable (FlexFit) or a stationary (Integrated) base.
  • Switch off the Responsive Air function in your bed controls when the air chamber is capped.
  • Stretch per side of your mattress 15 points more crucial than normal. As you detach the latter from the control system, inspect the air case and pipe connections for any cracks or breakage. Take note that the end of the air chamber connector should have two black O-rings. Without O-rings, the relationship between the air cell and the power system will be leaky, appearing in the Sleep Number mattress, wasting air or the mattress deflating.
  • Sleep at least three nights in your bed or until the mattress becomes extremely soft. Keep an eye out for instances where the mattress continues to leak air despite the chamber being sealed. If the answer is affirmative, there is very certainly a leak in the air chamber, and any damaged components would require replacement or repair. If the problem resolves after capping the air chamber, the leak is most likely in the pump.